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What should I keep in mind when I set up e-mail forwarding of invoices?

In this article you will find tips for setting up email forwarding.

General tips for setting up email forwarding 

  • Outlook/Microsoft offers the option of forwarding an e-mail as an attachment in a new e-mail. This ensures that your e-mail is not categorised as spam on the basis of an incorrect certificate
  • Do not use mail distribution lists
  • Contact your email administrator to set up forwarding correctly. They can usually help to further optimise the setup according to the following technical tips

Further technical tips for setting up e-mail

How does my forwarded email successfully pass authentication?

  • It is recommended to set up SPF and DKIM email authentication for your domain
  • Avoid changing the headers and message body in forwarded messages. If changes are made, the email may be categorised as spam
  • The following changes may prevent the DKIM check from being performed successfully: Changing MIME boundaries, changing the message subject, third-party software that changes the message body, extending message recipients with LDAP and changing the subject and other headers that are protected by the DKIM signature domain (including To, Cc, Date and Message ID)
  • Add an ARC header to forwarded messages to reduce the likelihood of forwarded messages being rejected or marked as spam

How do I avoid my e-mail being categorised as spam?

  • Change the sender so that it refers to your forwarding domain
  • Make sure that the SPF record of your domain contains the IP addresses or domains of all servers or services that forward emails for your domain
  • Use third-party products or services to recognise spam messages and prevent them from being forwarded
  • Use a unique domain or IP address for the forwarding of messages