Which invoice transfer method is best for me?

In this article you will find information on the various invoice transfer options.

To identify the right invoice transfer technologies for your company/client, ask yourself the following questions:

Do a lot of invoices from my suppliers arrive via email?

Solution: E-Mail Forwarding to Finmatics 

Many suppliers deliver their invoices by e-mail. Set up a dedicated email address for your company, such as invoices@unternehmensdomain.com. Instruct your suppliers to send invoices to this e-mail address in the future. Finmatics provides you with one mail address per invoice type for automated invoice transfer.  Simply forward the invoices that come by mail to the Finmatics mail address. If you use Finmatics Invoice Approval, you can also forward the invoices automatically. You can find instructions in: 

Do I receive a lot of paper invoices? 

Solution: Scan

The Scan Automat connects to desktop scanners via TWAIN interface and staples the invoices automatically. Upwards of 200 paper invoices per month are recommended. Further information can be found in:

Do I generate a lot of expense/cash invoices?  

Solution: Mobile App  

Expenses/cash invoices for clearing accounts/credit cards etc. fade and should be digitised quickly. You can use the Finmatics mobile app for this. Further information on the use and functions of the mobile app can be found in:

Do I have large suppliers with whom I exchange many/complex invoices?  

Solution: REST-API / WEB-EDI  

Finmatics allows the exchange of ERP systems via a variety of ready-made interfaces, e.g. data from SAP can be transferred directly to Finmatics. This option is recommended from 50 document lines / transactions per supplier. Please read the following help centre article:

Further questions

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