Which types of organizations does Finmatics support?

Finmatics performs organization-specific document processing. To train extraction models and retrieve extraction results, it is necessary to set up organizations.

The COMPANY is the top level organizational unit. A CLIENT is a legal entity and must be assigned to a COMPANY.

  • COMPANY: Global Sales Holding S.A.
    • CUSTOMER 1: Sales Australia Ltd.
    • CUSTOMER 2: Sales Austria Ltd.
    • CUSTOMER 3: Sales Brazil Ltda.

A CLIENT has its own master and transaction data. You can assign one or more documents to each CLIENT. Use your own descriptions:

  • CLIENT: Sales Australia ltd.
    • DOCUMENT-TYPE: Invoices
    • DOCUMENT-TYPE: Travel expenses
    • DOCUMENT TYPE: Vouchers

You can assign an email to each document type to receive the document. We process all documents of a document type.