How do I manage business partners in Finmatics?

In this article you will learn how to add or change data of a business partner and how these changes get into your ERP system.


Where can I find the business partners of my client?

You can find all of the client's business partners by clicking on the clients screen and then selecting the tab "Business Partners".

How can I modify business partner information?

You have the option to create or adapt business partners for BMD and DATEV in Finmatics. If you use RZL, new entries are made directly in the ERP system. Additionally, Finmatics may automatically creates business partner data in some cases. For more information, refer to How does automatic business partner recognition and creation work with Finmatics?.

In general, you can create or modify business partners either in the client screen or directly in the invoice detail screen. Since business partners are transferred with the export of the invoice, we recommend creating or modifying business partners in the invoice detail screen or in your ERP system.

To adjust or create a business partner, click on the desired business partner or click on "New Entry" for a new one.

Alternatively in the invoice detail screen on "New Entry". 

A pop up window opens where you can add the master data of the business partner under "General Data", the tax and customer number under "Detail Data", and the payment information under "Bank Data". Then click "Save". It is essential to keep the business partner data up to date for proper allocation of business partners and to extract the invoice fields correctly. For more information, refer to How can the quality of master data for business partners be improved?.

The newly created business partner must exist in the invoice in order to be transferred to the ERP system during the export of the invoice data. 

How are newly created or modified business partners exported from Finmatics?


Newly created business partners or modified information in Finmatics is automatically exported to BMD. For more information, please refer to the following articles:


If RZL is your ERP system, the frontend of Finmatics is not used. Therefore synchronization of data from Finmatics to RZL is not necessary.


Business partners from Finmatics to DATEV using Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 need to be imported manually.

If you are using the DATEV Buchungsdatenservice, the modified or newly created business partners are automatically exported to DATEV with the export of invoices from Finmatics to DATEV.