BMD - Why is supplier master data not automatically imported?

Currently there is a 1-to-1 data synchronization when saving the person account in the NTCS from BMD to Finmatics. However, if you change something in Finmatics for a business partner (or if a new account is created on the Finmatics interface), the change is contained in a "person accounts.csv" file. This file will only be automatically transferred to NTCS via batch in the background if the following import parameter has been set accordingly.

Enter in the package FIBU under Booking- Import Booking

Then you enter the corresponding client number in the Company field and can branch to the overview of all import models in the "Import model" field via the triangle marked below.

Then select with the left mouse button the import model "Import model Finmatics Person accounts_Foreign currency" and click on Extras - Import parameters.

Since our recommendation (especially when using Compass) is that the NTCS is the leading system for master data maintenance, the parameter "Import person accounts" in the field Data1 is set to 0 by default, i.e. the person accounts.csv file is not transferred to the NTCS in the background. With right mouse button - Edit you can set the parameter FIBU-related to 1 for the respective client (if you would set this to 1 in general, the person account changes will be taken over from Finmatics for all companies).