DATEV - Why is the booking text in Rechnungswesen different from the Finmatics software?

Although the employee in the office has used an individual posting text in the Finmatics software, the name of the supplier / customer is displayed in the field Posting text in DATEV Rechnungswesen. This article describes how you can change this.

How do I adjust the booking text in DATEV Rechnungswesen to that in the Finmatics software?

  • Open the DATEV Unternehmen Online
  • Under Master data | Invoice folder | Edit | Booking text you can choose whether the booking text in DATEV Rechnungswesen is filled from the field Supplier name and location or Goods/service (corresponds to the booking text in Finmatics!).

In the DATEV info database you will find the description in doc. no.: 1071500 (German article)