How can I configure an invoice approval Workflow?

In this article you will learn how to set up approval Workflows with Finmatics.


What is a Workflow?

In What are invoice approval Workflows? you will find general information on one step and multi-step workflows.

Where can I configure a one step Workflow? 

This functionality is an additional paid service. If you would like to receive this tool, please contact your sales representative or

If required, you can filter in advance in the client overview to determine which clients already have a workflow and which do not.

In the Clients screen, select the client for which you want to create a workflow. Then click on the tab "Workflows". 

Which settings can I configure? 

Naming of Steps 

The Name tab of the workflow can be renamed here according to your own wishes. Depending on the setting, you can also customise the Name tab for rejected invoices.

Starting point of workflow

Here you can specify the time at which the invoice is to be released for checking. The following options are available: 

  • After an invoice is uploaded: the invoice is immediately forwarded to the invoice approval process.
  •  After an invoice was captured: the invoice enters the release process as soon as it has received the status "confirm" from the AI or the Shared Service Centre (SSC).
  • After an invoice is confirmed: the invoice has been confirmed by an accountant and then enters the release process
  •  After invoice was marked as unverifiable: the invoice has been set to "cannot verified" by a user or the SSC and can now be processed further in the approval process

Processes Selection

You can now choose for which processes the invoice approval should be set. To do this, select the processes and click on the arrows to move it, or move the processes into the "Selected processes" field using drag & drop.

User selection

All users of the client are listed here, even if they currently have no approval authorisation. Users without approval authorisation are marked with red exclamation marks. As soon as you add users to a workflow, the "Approve invoices" authorisation is assigned automatically. To do this, move the authorised users to the "Selected users" field.

Select Invoice fields

Select here which invoice fields are to be displayed to the approval user. The invoice field "Comment" is selected by default. This setting can be reset at any time.

Saving the Workflow

You have two options here:

  • Save: Click on "Save" to save the invoice approval workflow. It is not yet active
  • Save and activate: The approval process is activated immediately and is now displayed to you in the Workflow screen. From now on, all uploaded invoices that correspond to this configuration will first appear in the Workflow screen at the specified start time for approval by the selected users. 

Activate or deactivate the invoice approval Workflow

In the "Workflow" tab in the Clients creen, you have the option of deactivating or activating the invoice approval workflow using the slider after saving the workflow.

What do the different workflow statuses mean? 

In the invoices-screen you have the option of viewing the current workflow status of the invoices and filtering according to them. You can find more information on the filter options in How can I filter or adapt the screens?.

The following workflow statuses are possible:

  • Approved: the invoice is approved
  • Declined: the invoice is declined
  • Skipped: this invoice was skipped in the workflow
  • Pending: the invoice is in the workflow and waiting to be checked. It then moves to approved, declined or skipped 
  • Not triggered: this invoice wasn't checked yet and isn't included in a workflow  

How do I configure an individual or multi-step invoice approval Workflow?

For individual requirements, especially for medium-sized and large companies, Finmatics also offers the possibility of implementing complex approval processes via adaptation of Business Process Modelling (BPMN). Contact your sales development representative or write to