How do I use the To Do screen?

The Transfers screen is essentially your "Homepage" and contains all the invoices which need to be checked once more.


Who has access to the To Do screen?

All users with the "Complete invoices" or "Capture invoices" permission can see the To Do screen. The tasks that appear for a user depend on their user permissions.

Invoices in the "Capture" status only appear for users with the "Capture invoices" permission, and invoices in the "Verify" status only appear for users with the "Complete invoices" permission. Once the invoices have been confirmed, they will only appear for users with the "Export invoices" permission.

What is the To Do screen for?

You upload an invoice to Finmatics or it is transferred in other ways. You can find more information on the transfer options in How can I transfer documents to Finmatics?.

Once all fields have been captured and predicted, and no discrepancies have been found, invoices are automatically prepared for export or are automatically exported to your accounting system based on your settings. If not, a task is created, and the invoice needs to be reviewed. Clicking "Check" in the "To Do" screen will redirect you to the Invoices screen, where all invoices to be checked are automatically filtered.

How is the screen structured? 

Invoices which should be checked are sorted by client and processes. This allows similar invoices to be processed conveniently in one sitting. In other words, if 10 single invoices of one process are transferred by a client per day via email or mobile upload, these will be grouped together

Which tasks exist and when do they appear?

On the To Do  screen, there are two types of tasks, Verify and Exported.

  • Verify: Here, incoices appear that have not had all fields captured and predicted and need to be reviewed by the accountant.
  • Exported: Invoices that appear under Exported have already been reviewed by the accountant and can be exported. However, only invoices from completely reviewed invoice batches appear here, i.e., from invoice batches where every single invoice is ready for export.

Please note that tasks only appear when all invoices of the corresponding invoice type are ready for processing.

What is the difference between the Transfers and To Do screen?

All invoices can be found in the Transfers screen, grouped by the upload date. In the To Do screen those invoices which should be checked can be found, grouped by client and process.

For example: A client uploads 5 invoices per day. In the Transfers screen there will be one entry per day, each with 5 invoices. In the To Do screen those invoices which should be checked will be grouped together. i.e.: one entry here may contain 20 invoices.

How can I filter by client and process?

Click on the filter symbol next to the search and the filter options will open. For more information, see How can I filter or adapt the screens?.