How do I use the invoices overview screen?

In this screen every uploaded invoice and its processing status is displayed


How can I filter in the invoice overview screen? 

Once you have selected the "Invoices" tab in the main menu, you can now search for clients and set various filters. You can find more information on the filter options in How can I filter or adapt the screens?.

By default the filter “Exported: Not exported” is active. To remove this filter, click on the X symbol next to the filter. There are a variety of filters which can be selected as necessary. 

What do the different processing statuses mean?

The processing status of individual invoices is displayed as follows in the "Status" column:

  • Red: Mandatory fields could not be read out or do not match the master data, and must therefore be filled in or corrected

  • Yellow: Finmatics is displaying a warning that mandatory fields should be checked manually, e.g.: Duplicates were identified, UID is invalid in VIES , invoice date is too far in the past, etc.

  • Green: The invoice was successfully completed and confirmed. 

Generally only invoices marked yellow and green can be exported. Those marked red must be corrected before exporting.

How do I process the invoices?

If you select one or more invoices via the respective checkbox, functions appear at the top right with which the invoices can be edited. If you e.g. want to sort or export several invoices at the same time, make sure that all invoices are assigned to the same client and/or process. 

From left to right "Restructure", "Show export options", "Show download options", "Count invoice number up", "Bulk edit" and "Delete invoices".

Further information on the functions can be found in:

In addition, the sum of the total gross amount, total net amount, total tax amount and gross amount of the selected invoices is displayed below the table.

If you only want to edit or view one invoice, you can click on the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the table view. Here you can sort, delete, show or edit the selected invoice.