How can I assign accountants to their allotted clients?

One accountant can be assigned per client. This accountant will receive e-mail notifications when the status of an invoice/batch changes to "verify" or "exported".

client administration - general

Assign accountants to their allotted clients

  • Go to the menu item "Clients"
  • Select the desired client
  • In the "Accountant" field of the "Company master" tab, select the accountant in charge.
  • Click on "Save"

Change accountant assignment

  • Go to the menu item "Clients"
  • Select the desired client
  • Delete the currently entered name with the backspace key.
  • (Attention : No "X" appears to delete, the name must be deleted manually)
  • You can type in the name manually or select it from the list that appears.
  • Click on "Save"

How does the email notification arrive?

The email notification is sent by every time a batch of documents

changes to the status "Confirm" or "Exported".

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